Here’s where you can get to know the cast of characters from The Cyber Miracles a bit better. 

Pronunciation Guide

Thanks, Nancy Olivieri, for this suggestion. Several readers have wondered how to pronounce some of the characters’ names. Hope this helps:
Maeve: mayv
Ciaran: keer-ahn
Fergal: fur-gahl
Brídgeen: breege-een
Treasa: trah-suh
Diarmuid: deer-mutt
Deirdre: deer-drah

Cast the film

If a film were made of “The Cyber Miracles,” which actors would you choose to portray the characters in the book? Send your ideas to I’ll post them here.

Maeve Kenny: Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore on “The Gilmore Girls”); Rachael McAdams; Meg Ryan, Anne Hathaway, Valerie Bertinelli, Amy Adams

Ciaran Burns: Cillian Murphy; Matthew McConaughey, Robert Buckley (Kirby on “Lipstick Jungle”), Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Ty Conneely: Tim Gunn

Andy Krall:
Johnny Depp (when he was younger, in the “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” era); John Cusack, John Krasinski, Jake Gyllenhaal, Benjamin McKenzie, James McAvoy

Toni Sellars:
Kim Cattrall, Melissa Rivers, Samantha Harris

Martin Kenny: Tom Bosley, James Cromwell, Colm Meany

Eileen Kenny: Imelda Staunton

Father Mike: Ewan MacGregor

Parmalee Jones: Oprah Winfrey, Ruby Dee

Chelsea Bachrach: Blythe Danner, Helen Mirren, Noni Smith (local legendary Binghamton actress)

Brídgeen: Sandra Bullock, Zooey Deschannel, Jennifer Connelly

Fergal: Colin Farrell, David O’Hara, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Shane: Matthew Perry, Colin Farrell

Dom Dellapenta: Kevin Baumgartner, Mark Ruffalo, Jack Black

Arabella Diavolo: Raquel Welch, Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria Parker

Ben Bulben’s Pub barmaid: Brenda Fricker

Pesca: Jessica Simpson

Suh Li: Yoko Ono


Five questions

Here are the cast members’ replies to five questions asked of them:
1) What’s in heavy rotation on your iPod right now?
2) What’s your favorite movie?
3) What’s your favorite snack food?
4) What’s your favorite color?
5) What’s your biggest regret?

Maeve: 1. U2, “Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own”; 2. “Working Girl”; 3. Dove chocolate; 4. teal; 5. dating “pretty men”

Ciaran:1. Sting, “When We Dance”; 2. “The Dead”; 3. PowerBar; 4. indigo; 5. giving up regional theatre for a soap opera role

Andy:1. TOFOG, “What You Want Me To Forget”; 2. “Shaun of The Dead”; 3. Orbit Mint Mojito gum; 4. Che Guevara red; 5. that road trip to Cortland

Toni:1. Sugar Pie DeSanto, “Use What You Got”; 2. “L.A. Confidential”; 3. Utz Crab flavor potato chips; 4. flame red; 5. I have no regrets!

Brídgeen:1. The Commitments, “Destination: Anywhere”; 2. “Sliding Doors”; 3. Crunchie and/or Flake bars; 4. rose; 5. not speaking my mind about Ciaran

Fergal:1. Sharon Shannon, “Cavan Potholes”; 2. “Into the West”; 3. salt & vinegar Taytos; 4. blue; 5. teaching Michael Flatley all he knows


Think you know someone who resembles one of the characters in real life? Send along a photo as a jpeg file (no larger than 100 x 140 pixels) to and I’ll share it with readers on this page.