If you have any questions you’d like to ask the author, send them to 1MaeveKenny@gmail.com. They’ll be posted on this page.

Question: When will the sequel be out?
I hope to have it ready by the fall.

Question: Are you Maeve Kenny?
No. My life has never been planned out according to detail. I’m more along the chaos theory of existence. The chaos that befalls her life does resemble mine… a bit.

Question: I loved the characters in the book. Do you plan on writing a sequel?
I’ve have already started framing out the story line for a possible sequel. If enough readers are interested, I’ll definitely make it a priority. There are two other novels I am working on at the moment.

Question: What’s the difference between your book’s E-Store and Amazon.com?
The E-Store is actually part of Amazon.com and has all the same safeguards. CreateSpace offers authors both options. The E-Store depends on self marketing; Amazon.com is well known and has respect around the world for it’s convenience and safety.