Want to become part of The Cyber Miracles street team? Here’s what you can do to help get the word out about this novel.

1. Put one of the icons below with the address to the official TCM blog, https://thecybermiracles.wordpress.com/ on your MySpace, Facebook, blog or Web page (or all of the above).  Just right click on the art below and save it to your computer, then upload to your site or place this HTML coding on your page. (Note: the words in quotation marks after SRC= is the file name for the first icon when you download it. The other icons have different names.):

<A href=”https://thecybermiracles.wordpress.com/”><IMG src=”cyber_sig_thumbnail.jpeg” ALT=”Home”></A>

cyber_sig.jpg         cyber_sig_believe.jpg         cyber_sig_faith.jpg

2) Send the Web site link to friends you think would be interested in the novel.

3) Hold a book review among your friends and discuss themes in the novel. (Be sure to include something on the menu from the Recipes page.