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     The editors have the sequel. While we’re all waiting for their verdicts, you might want to keep an eye on the official blog for “A Sudden Gift of Fate.” New links are being added each day (including a pretty complete list of wineries in the Finger Lakes).


     My brother told me last night that a book club in Binghamton is reading “The Cyber Miracles” now. If you’re part of that club, and reading this, please thank all involved for considering my novel. I hope you enjoy it!
     If you, or any other readers, have questions about the story, my inspiration, and the publication date of the sequel, “A Sudden Gift of Fate,” etc., feel free to send me an e-mail here.

     Off to buy ink for the printer so I can read it.
     Ahhh, such a fabulous feeling to have this completed.

P.S. Just put up the blog for “A Sudden Gift of Fate” here.

     Had a chat with the artist who did the cover for “The Cyber Miracles” today, Jocelyn Bailey. We discussed her initial ideas for the cover of “A Sudden Gift of Fate.” Loved them! As with last time, she’s zeroed in on a concept quickly that I think will capture the mood of the novel.
     I’ve got one and 3/4 chapters left to type up. Should be done Wednesday. Le cunamh Dé…

     As I’m finishing up the last chapters of the second draft of TCM’s sequel — “A Sudden Gift of Fate,” I’ve been fact checking and Googling and, of course, getting easily sidetracked in the process.
     Here are two links, for example, that knocked me off course today:

     Irish author Eddie Stack also posted an update about Ireland’s election, a rare stretch of warm weather and a Galway harborfest that lifted everyone’s spirits on his blog Onwards. (You’ll always find a great read there!) Sounds like that show by The Stunning was great.

© Jan R. Sprawls

© Jan R. Sprawls

The June/July ’09 issue of Ragazine is out. As always, my friend Mike Foldes does a great job with this arts web site filled with fiction, poetry, fine art and photography. Be sure to check out the Texas Panhandle photography of our friend and former coworker, Jan Sprawls. Great stuff! See more of Jan’s impressive portfolio here.

Salmon Run display at Dr. Frank's Vinifera Wine Cellars

Salmon Run display at Dr. Frank's Vinifera Wine Cellars

While typing up the second draft of the sequel, “A Sudden Gift of Fate,” I’ve been tuning in to the active Finger Lakes wine community on Twitter. It’s fascinating to see how they have embraced this social medium with gusto and are using it quite effectively as a way to generate buzz about wineries and the ’08 vintages that seem to be on par with 2007’s fantastic crop.
     Want to follow their tweets? Then do a Twitter search for #flwine or #wine. You’ll read reviews, suggested wine pairings and information about upcoming events at the wineries by Keuka, Seneca & Cayuga lakes.

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Maeve Kenny's life was going exactly as she'd planned. At 30 she was dating a soap opera star and had an exciting public relations career with an Irish-owned firm in Manhattan. Then three sudden events turned everything upside down, and Maeve found herself fleeing her Queens apartment for sanctuary back home upstate in Binghamton. As she tries to readjust to the dramatic changes in her life, Maeve says she needs a miracle to turn her life around. Who would have thought the whole world would be watching when it happens?

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