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My latest work, 3/17, has just come out in Kindle (and iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) format. Learn more here.


My third novel, 3/17, will be available soon. Here’s a brief description:

In this loose parody of Dante’s Inferno, four Irish traditional musicians get lost in the backwoods of upstate New York the week before St. Patrick’s Day. On the journey, the band descends through nine hellish circles of American-style 3/17 revelry: Step-dancing princesses. Bobbing shamrock headbangers. Green beer bacchanals. Shillelagh-wavin’ geezers.
     (WARNING: Abandon hope, all ye corned beef-allergic who enter here.)

This novel, like my first two, comes with a lexicon of Irish phrases and slang. It will also have a list price of $20 and will be available at all the outlets where my first two novels are sold.
For more information, visit or the official blog.

A SUDDEN GIFT OF FATE has just made it through the first round — the story pitch — in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award. WOW! The novel joins 1,999 other works selected from a pool of 10,000 entries.
     In the second round of judging, Amazon editors and Amazon Vine Reviewers will be reading an excerpt of the novel (roughly the first 5,000 words). They’ll narrow the field down to 500 quarterfinalists to be announced around March 23.
     This moment is HUGE. Last year when I entered THE TERMINAL DINER in the contest, it failed at the pitch stage. That was so frustrating because no one read a word of my work. Not this year, buíochas le Dia!
     So say a few prayers, light a candle or raise a glass of Finger Lakes wine and send good thoughts toward my novel.

I entered A SUDDEN GIFT OF FATE into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest today.

We had to submit a pitch, excerpt (from the first 5,000 words) and the complete manuscript.

The first round cut will come after reading the pitch. Say some prayers, light a few candles or keep your fingers crossed. Better yet, do all of the above!

Should I win, the book will be picked up by Penguin USA. Now THAT would be a sudden gift of fate…

     In 2007, I sent out query letters to about two dozen publishers regarding my novel, “The Cyber Miracles.”
     Mind you, I followed the protocol suggested by those writer’s market books. I spent hours poring over descriptions of the publishers to see which ones carried similar work. The letters gave a brief description of my novel and some bio info. I addressed the letters to names of editors listed in the books. I included self-addressed stamped envelopes for their replies that would hopefully include a request to see some of the manuscript.
     Of the handful of replies I received, ONE had a small handwritten note explaing that they weren’t taking in any work without an agent. She wished me good luck though, and I appreciated that.
     Later in the summer of 2007, I learned about the prospect of self-publishing. Thank God I followed that route and today my story is being read across the country.
     Here’s the laugh. I received this letter today… TWO YEARS after mailing out my query letters from St. Martin’s Press:

Dear Sir or Madam:

Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, St. Martin’s Press only accepts submissions from literary agents when they are first discussed with, and then requested by, a member of our editorial staff.

I hope this doesn’t inconvenience you.


St. Martin’s Trade Editorial Department

Glad I wasn’t holding my breath waiting for their reply.

On Oct. 7 from 6-8 p.m., Broome Community College’s Community Education program will offer a class called Meet the Author. I will be the author that night in a two-hour session that will discuss The Cyber Miracles, from what inspired me to how it was published, and will also include readings from the book. The class will conclude with a book sale/signing. To register for the fall course, click here. NOTE: The fall catalog is not available yet. Check the site in the summer.

I’ve been busy getting ready for some upcoming events in April.
     First up is my interview with Bill Jaker on his radio show “Off the Page” at 1 p.m. April 1 on WSKG-FM. (The show is repeated at 7 p.m. and available for a downloadable podcast the next day.) 
     Bill called me a couple of hours ago to discuss the show and mentioned that the famous grotto at Lourdes, France, has a Web cam, not unlike the one in The Cyber Miracles, that you can view here. 
     My latest order of books will be arriving this week in anticipation of a book signing April 5 at Divine Devotions at 2204 North St. in Endwell and a book review April 15 at George F. Johnson Memorial Library in Endicott. An autographed copy of TCM  will be auctioned April 2 during Ithaca College Bursar’s Benefit Auction at the Clark Lounge in the Campus Center. 

On April 1, I will be a guest on Bill Jaker’s “Off the Page” show on WKSG FM radio. The show’s format includes a discussion of the book between the host and guest author and includes listener questions via call-ins and e-mail. To participate in the conversation, call during the 1:00 PM live broadcast to 1-888-359-9754 or post a question via e-mail to The show is broadcast at 1 p.m. and repeated at 7 p.m. Within 24 hours of broadcast it will be available via podcast at the link above.
  WSKG FM is broadcast at 89.3 FM in Binghamton, 90.9 FM in Ithaca, 91.7 FM in Oneonta and Cooperstown, 91.1 FM in Corning and Elmira, and 88.7 FM in Hornell and Alfred.

Lynn Coyne at Divine Devotions gift shop will hold a book signing for me on Saturday, April 5 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. You will be able to buy copies of The Cyber Miracles there for $20 (note: her store takes checks and cash, no credit cards) and I will sign it for you. If you’ve already bought the book, bring it along and I’ll sign it for you, too.
     Her store is at 2204 North St. in Endwell, N.Y. Hope to see you there.

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Maeve Kenny's life was going exactly as she'd planned. At 30 she was dating a soap opera star and had an exciting public relations career with an Irish-owned firm in Manhattan. Then three sudden events turned everything upside down, and Maeve found herself fleeing her Queens apartment for sanctuary back home upstate in Binghamton. As she tries to readjust to the dramatic changes in her life, Maeve says she needs a miracle to turn her life around. Who would have thought the whole world would be watching when it happens?

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