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At this moment, The Cyber Miracles has become a bestseller on Amazon Germany! The novel is ranked #11 of 100 in Kindle-Shop > eBooks > Fremdsprachige eBooks > Englische eBooks > Belletristik > Comics


 Order any of my novels from my eStores this week and receive 20% off your total order.  After clicking the “Add to Cart” buttons on the storefront pages, a new page opens. Put this code in the “Options and Discounts” box before clicking the “Check Out” button: (offer has expired) Here are my eStore web sites:

It’s my way of thanking you all for your support. Happy holidays!

I’m so honored to see that The Cyber Miracles was named Book of the Week at Breakout Books!

I have created a web site for all of my writing.
It’s called Consider it a clearinghouse for all
of my works, including digital versions of my new and already
published novels. Stop by and let me know what you think.

     My brother told me last night that a book club in Binghamton is reading “The Cyber Miracles” now. If you’re part of that club, and reading this, please thank all involved for considering my novel. I hope you enjoy it!
     If you, or any other readers, have questions about the story, my inspiration, and the publication date of the sequel, “A Sudden Gift of Fate,” etc., feel free to send me an e-mail here.

Well the demand for a sequel has been overwhelming, so fair readers give me a couple months and you’ll know what happens next to Maeve, Andy, Father Mike, Brídgeen and Fergal. I’ve been busy mapping out the plot. There is some research I need to do for the story in July, so the serious writing will commence after that has been completed.
     In the meantime, check out Andy Krall’s MySpace page for possible clues… :^) (See blogroll at left.)
     * I’ve added the permalink to my delightful interview on the Isabel-Rose Blog Talk Radio show at left.
     *One reader plans to send a copy of the book to Maeve Binchy! I’d be thrilled if she read it. I love her writing, especially the wonderful characters she creates.
     * I received a very nice e-mail from Peter Bauman who read about my book in our alumni newsletter. He writes “The plot was wonderful.  The characters were engaging.  I especially liked the crisp dialog.  The pacing and cleverness of  the dialog reminded me of the banter in one of my favorite movies – His Girl Friday.  Your  book would make a hell of a movie!” He adds that “I have always felt that Binghamton was the best place in the world to grow up.  Your novel celebrates what is great about Binghamton – the culture, the food, Recreation Park, the sense of community.”  Thanks for your kind words, Peter. Fellow readers take note: the sequel does take place in Binghamton, but the story will include another distinct location in upstate. Stay tuned…

I’m starting to receive feedback from readers. Thanks so much for letting me know your views, especially because they’ll help me to grow as a writer. I appreciate you taking the time to get back to me.
     I’ve heard The Cyber Miracles is a fast read. One reader in Ithaca takes first place for this — she read it within hours of receiving the book in the mail yesterday! A reader in Binghamton called it “a good, fast, compelling read.” Another Binghamton reader wants the sequel — now!
     On the menu above you can see pages marked Q&A and Cast Notes. I’ve updated these both with reader feedback. If any of you readers want to send me your Reviews of the book, e-mail them to me at

Want to enhance your experience of reading The Cyber Miracles? Why not fix yourself a Bloody-Good Martini like Brídgeen does before you sit down with the story. Gnosh on organic black cherry salsa as you read about the Casa de Sonrisa opening. Take a dinner break and grill some chicken spiedies (as Andy would say, you carnivorous one!). Brew up your own special blend of java, take a bite out of a half moon cookie and determine what your future holds. You’ll find the recipes through the link on the menu above.

I’ve been waiting for my page to go live and have been very impatient. (‘Tis the curse of the modern world, lol.) So I’ve decided to open a CreateSpace E-Store to sell my novel, also.
     If you take a look at the icon to the top left, you’ll see “Buy it @ my E-Store.” This hypertext link takes you to the store. (CreateSpace is a division of — so it’s a safe business. I’ve had no problems.) 
     Without further ado, I’m happy to say that we’re OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

I just OK’d the proof. The novel should be available from by March 3rd, if not sooner. Note: My name is probably listed as MaryPat Hyland.
     The ISBN number for the book is 1434840980 and the publisher is CreateSpace Publishing. List price is $20.

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The Cyber Miracles

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Maeve Kenny's life was going exactly as she'd planned. At 30 she was dating a soap opera star and had an exciting public relations career with an Irish-owned firm in Manhattan. Then three sudden events turned everything upside down, and Maeve found herself fleeing her Queens apartment for sanctuary back home upstate in Binghamton. As she tries to readjust to the dramatic changes in her life, Maeve says she needs a miracle to turn her life around. Who would have thought the whole world would be watching when it happens?

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