“The Cyber Miracles” sequel was put on hold for January as I decided (insanely) to compete in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. Specifics in the rules said that “TCM” was not eligible, and I thought the sequel so far is dependent on the original story. That left me with the task of writing something new. I did it in a month!
     My entry in ABNA is called “The Terminal Diner.” Just as in “TCM,” this novel also takes place in Binghamton, N.Y. It tells the tale of a pie baker at a diner near the airport who meets three people there on the day before 9/11 who will all have a profound effect on her life. I find out March 16 if I’ve made it through to the second round. Watch this spot for more info. Should I be fortunate to win (or place in the top four), there’s a great chance of getting a book deal with Penguin Books. Mamma Mia!
     So, as I pray for a cyber miracle of my own, it’s back to writing the sequel. Now Fergal, as you were just saying…