In 2007, I sent out query letters to about two dozen publishers regarding my novel, “The Cyber Miracles.”
     Mind you, I followed the protocol suggested by those writer’s market books. I spent hours poring over descriptions of the publishers to see which ones carried similar work. The letters gave a brief description of my novel and some bio info. I addressed the letters to names of editors listed in the books. I included self-addressed stamped envelopes for their replies that would hopefully include a request to see some of the manuscript.
     Of the handful of replies I received, ONE had a small handwritten note explaing that they weren’t taking in any work without an agent. She wished me good luck though, and I appreciated that.
     Later in the summer of 2007, I learned about the prospect of self-publishing. Thank God I followed that route and today my story is being read across the country.
     Here’s the laugh. I received this letter today… TWO YEARS after mailing out my query letters from St. Martin’s Press:

Dear Sir or Madam:

Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, St. Martin’s Press only accepts submissions from literary agents when they are first discussed with, and then requested by, a member of our editorial staff.

I hope this doesn’t inconvenience you.


St. Martin’s Trade Editorial Department

Glad I wasn’t holding my breath waiting for their reply.