12062008_riverread2-21 Although it was bitter cold out as fine, sparkly snow drifted down Court Street, it was cozy inside RiverRead Books tonight. The patrons warmed up with coffee, tea and cookies (made by Joe & Fannie Fabrizio). I stood behind the podium and read aloud from my novel, trying to give the audience its flavor but not giving too much of the plot away.  It was fun to hear the “voices” of my characters come alive.
     If you haven’t visited this great new bookstore in downtown Binghamton, get yourself there! They have a terrific assortment of books, art cards, 2009 calendars featuring the art of local artist Armando Dellasanta and even magnetic finger puppets of Andy Warhol and Freud. Seriously! What fun.
     Before I left, I signed some copies of the book for future walk-in sales. This makes RiverRead the third bookstore to carry my novel! For more details on RiverRead, check out my Bookstores page.