Well the demand for a sequel has been overwhelming, so fair readers give me a couple months and you’ll know what happens next to Maeve, Andy, Father Mike, Brídgeen and Fergal. I’ve been busy mapping out the plot. There is some research I need to do for the story in July, so the serious writing will commence after that has been completed.
     In the meantime, check out Andy Krall’s MySpace page for possible clues… :^) (See blogroll at left.)
     * I’ve added the permalink to my delightful interview on the Isabel-Rose Blog Talk Radio show at left.
     *One reader plans to send a copy of the book to Maeve Binchy! I’d be thrilled if she read it. I love her writing, especially the wonderful characters she creates.
     * I received a very nice e-mail from Peter Bauman who read about my book in our alumni newsletter. He writes “The plot was wonderful.  The characters were engaging.  I especially liked the crisp dialog.  The pacing and cleverness of  the dialog reminded me of the banter in one of my favorite movies – His Girl Friday.  Your  book would make a hell of a movie!” He adds that “I have always felt that Binghamton was the best place in the world to grow up.  Your novel celebrates what is great about Binghamton – the culture, the food, Recreation Park, the sense of community.”  Thanks for your kind words, Peter. Fellow readers take note: the sequel does take place in Binghamton, but the story will include another distinct location in upstate. Stay tuned…