Tonight, author Susan Hubbard is celebrating the publication of her sequel to her mesmerizing novel, “The Society of S.” Her new novel, “The Year of Disappearances” picks up where her first left off, with Ariella Montero coming to terms with her secret identity and continuing her quest “to recognize the demons who may live inside us and the ones we love — so that they can be removed.” Hubbard is an award-winning author whose literary style will entrance readers. Sure to be a great read!
     In late June, C. Solimini’s debut mystery, “Across the River” will be available. I read an advance copy, and here’s what I thought:
     Imagine you are going back to your old hometown to investigate a murder for the tabloid that employs you. Imagine that much of the cast of characters intertwined in the murder story can be found in your school yearbook. The thought of reconnecting with all those faces from the past would make most people shudder; baby boomer Andrealisa Rinaldi can barely stomach the thought.
     Along the story’s hilly path, journalist Andie must confront the past and present while trying not to mix business with pleasure. Unfortunately for her, the boundaries of all begin to blur.
     C. Solimini has a knack for the well placed pun that will make you howl, as well as the skill for exploring the complexity and depth of her characters so well that you can empathize with their need to protect their own.
     This witty page turner offers up a side platter of nostalgia for readers of a certain age, but will keep all readers guessing right up to its satisfying end.
      Holy Moly, it’s a great read! 

Both books are available at and major booksellers. Hubbard’s is also available in Kindle e-book format.