I have two tentative events coming up and as soon as I know the details, I’ll add them to the Events page.
     This afternoon I met with a woman at my local Barnes & Noble about book signings. She couldn’t have been nicer, and let me know that sometime between the spring and fall she will be organizing a night for local, self-published authors to display their books and hold signings. She also gave me a handout on how to contact Barnes & Noble itself for possible sales. At the end of the conversation she congratulated me for taking this step forward. That meant a lot; this truly is a leap of faith.
     Last week I was contacted about giving a Meet the Author class through Broome Community College sometime in the fall. It would be a two-hour session that includes a reading, discussion and book signing. Sounds like fun.
     And the first person to review my book is… {drum roll} Valerie Zehl. You can find her review on my Amazon.com page as well as on the Reviews page in this blog. Remember, if you want me to post your review on this blog, send an e-mail to 1MaeveKenny@gmail.com.