I’ve added a couple of new features to the Web site. On the top bar you will find two new pages, one where I’ll list bookstores that carry The Cyber Miracles and the other provides a sample of Chapter One: TabloidTruth.
     Got my first feedback from a new reader of the book today, my former co-worker Valerie Zehl.  She writes:
     “Circles under my eyes … in a fog this morning … YOUR fault, because I couldn’t put your book down last night!!!!”
     Thanks, Val. Sorry to keep you awake :^)
     In other news, I’ve been contacted for another book signing sometime in the fall (I’ll post it on the events page once it is confirmed) and I’m shipping out a copy of the book tomorrow to a bookstore in Ireland that has expressed interest.
     My blog traffic has been crazy this week. I had been averaging around 15 hits a day. By Saturday  my total reached 400. As of this moment, I’m at 816.