The lead character in my novel, Maeve Kenny, works for Clú Public Relations in Manhattan. (Clú means renown in Irish.) I feel like I’m morphing into Maeve right now. After all the waiting and expectation of finally holding the published book in my hands, I’ve got to get down to the work of promoting it.
     Today I Googled Irish organizations across the country for addresses  to send press releases to, so I could get the word out to one of my target audiences.
     In the afternoon I took some promo pix of myself, trying not to look like I was taking a MySpace mug shot. Not an easy task. I got my hair cut yesterday for the photo shoot (shout out to Kirk from Idaho!) and played my own stylist this afternoon. Is this how Beyoncé started out? Anyway, you can see the results on the About the Author page.
     The first orders for my book began arriving today to readers’ homes. Now the reviews nerves set in. Will I get the Paula Abdul feedback or the Simon Cowell feedback? Stay tuned…